ABOUT Immediate Catalyst

Like other industries, the investment scene is saturated with people possessing limited knowledge. To help these people update their knowledge and skills Immediate Catalyst connects them with investment education companies. These companies equip them with the required knowledge, shifting their mindset about investment.

Promoting Investment Education

Immediate Catalyst aims to present investment to people in a different perspective. To pursue this cause, Immediate Catalyst reintroduces investment as a topic not exclusive to investors or traders. 

Instead, Immediate Catalyst presents investments as a topic for all, especially those intending to learn investments to build their knowledge.


Immediate Catalyst Improves Accessibility

While education is accessible today, it may not be accessible to everyone, as many are unsure of the tutors to connect with to get investment education. Immediate Catalyst makes it a point of duty to make investment education accessible to all by connecting them to investment education firms.

Connection to Investment Educators for Free

Immediate Catalyst links intending investment students to investment teachers for free. Having understood the struggle people experience in their search for this service, Immediate Catalyst simplifies the process and does it without charging a cent. The connection process is fast and easy on the Immediate Catalyst website.


The Immediate Catalyst Team

The Immediate Catalyst team consists of individuals across several disciplines combining their knowledge and versatility to solve a persisting issue - inaccessible investment knowledge. Since the Immediate Catalyst team committed itself to this cause, it has witnessed a significant transformation in people’s investment knowledge.

As the team continuously seeks to connect more people to acquire investment education, it aims for them to learn the basics of investment and get more advanced knowledge. The Immediate Catalyst team also aims that people can use certain investment tools, assess risks, and understand investment strategies, among other things, even though they are not investors themselves.

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